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10/22: Common Thread|Common Ground, Altama Museum of Art & History, Vidalia, GA

3/22: "Common Thread|Common Ground", Kalmanson Gallery, Swainsboro, GA

6/18: “Obscurity of the Present III”, Denison Art Space, Newark, OH

3/17: “Obscurity of the Present II”, Flakoll Gallery, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND

9/16: “Obscurity of the Present I”, East Georgia State College Art Gallery, Swainsboro, GA

3/12: 10th annual Art in the Woods, Stillmore, GA

2/14/11: Art in the Woods Retrospective, Sentient Bean, Savannah, GA

3/29/11: Art in the Woods, Stillmore, GA

1/24/11 – 2/24/11: Retrospective, Georgia Southern University, Statesboro, GA

4/1/10: Art in the Woods, Stillmore, GA

3/09: Art in the Woods, Stillmore, GA

3/8/08 – 4/11/-08: Gallery RFD “Collectives and Collaborations”, Swainsboro, GA

3/29/08: Art in the Woods, Stillmore, GA

3/24/07: Fifth Annual Art in the Woods Exhibition, Stillmore, GA

10/28/06: Portal Heritage Society Festival, installation, Portal, GA

09/05/06-10/01/06: 114 West Main St, “Welcome Home”, Swainsboro, GA

5/01/06 - 6/01/06: Firehouse Gallery, “Thirty Miles South”, Louisville, GA

4/01/06 - 5/01/06: Ty Stokes Gallery “Where Main Streets Meet”, Atlanta, GA

4/1/06: Art in the Woods, Stillmore, GA

10/22/05: Portal Turpentine Festival, installation, Portal, GA

2/01/05 - 3/01/05: DK Arts, Statesboro, GA

1/09/05 - 1/28/05: Kalmanson Gallery. Swainsboro, GA

3/20/2004: Art in the Woods Reunion Show, Stillmore, GA

1/09/04: S&L Gallery: Savannah, GA

8/23/03: DK Arts, Statesboro, GA

6/14/03: Contemporary Arts Exchange: Macon, GA

3/21/03: Art in the Woods: Stillmore, GA

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